Sex Can Reveal a Character’s Personality


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I just finished writing the first sex scene in my WIP — granted it was mostly in the character’s imagination, but still pretty vivid. I don’t really know where it came from and I had no intention of writing any sex scene between these two characters: the main antagonist (Rocco) and his wife (Sabine). Somehow, it just happened.

It is necessary to explain that the scene turned out to be more of a brief insight into his thinking and his personality. He’s a very demanding individual with a need for control. Interestingly, his wife seems to enjoy this part of his personality and knows full well that he needs to control her during sex. Something tells me he has little control over her in any other facet of their life together.

It was strange writing a sexual scene that is so dominating. He is old-fashioned and a bit on the kinky side at the same time. I felt no love from him for his wife during his musing. Granted, he is in love with her and he finds her beautiful, but the act of sex for him is all about control.

Rocco is the leader of a multi-religious alliance that oversees the activities of the religions of the world. They do not want the heroine to succeed in her task and they have taken steps to prevent that (of course, that’s where the tension comes in, right?). But Rocco, in his zeal as leader, has taken further steps that are out of line with the code of the alliance. One person has figured this out, but he is still on the fence about his allegiance.

I speak about these characters as if I am just learning who they are and, in a way, that is true. I only added Sabine recently. Her part in this drama is very specific and I think I may have just uncovered her motive for what she does. Even so, though I know Rocco well, I was surprised that his sexual preference jumped out onto the page this morning! I suppose he had had a rough day and needed some release? Hmmm. Even though they are fictional, they are human.

The point is, though, that using the sex scene, especially in his imagination, is very telling of his personality and explains a lot about his actions during the course of the storyline. I think they will end up having sex, as she is reading his thoughts and ready to comply.

Happy writing!



Fun with Writing


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While the writing is ALWAYS fun for me, it is also fun to map out locations. My characters are traveling from the US to England, so I need to “see” where they are in order to better write their story, right? If find it exciting to visualize my creations in the real world!

I have begun using various maps, satellite, and street views to mark the characters’ journeys. I also enjoy searching for and scoping out the neighborhoods, homes, and businesses they may visit. Some of these locales need to be real — in my opinion — for my readers to really get into the story. Travelling to a real place to effect imaginary events is enjoyable on so many levels.

Most recently I found a lovely hotel in London. It is traditional overlaid with a modern motif. Actually, it is an old railway station made into a modern hotel. I loved the juxtaposition, so it became my center point in London for the characters.

My point here is that there is so much to enjoy in the process of writing, including the research of paths and places. Sometimes, it’s just fun to look at the pictures!



Put Your Writing First

Enjoyed this and want to share. -EM

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On a typical day, I work on my own novels and novellas, ghostwrite or revise a business book or novel for a client, edit a memoir or collection of essays for a client, write back cover copy and query letters, research publishing trends, and perform administrative tasks like answering email and filing.

Often fellow authors ask me how I get everything done…but most often they ask how I keep my own novels on track considering that I’m basically working three jobs (writing novels, writing/editing clients’ books, and marketing my own work and the works of clients).

My answer is simple: Do the most important work first. That means I write my own books for the first hour of every day.

The rest of the morning is dedicated to high-level client projects (ghostwriting, rewriting, and editing, all of which require a fresh mind and a sharp focus).

After lunch, I research…

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Excerpt – Main Antagonist Introduced


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An excerpt from my novel in progress. While I realize you don’t have the full story, nor the synopsis, I am sharing this to see if it gets a certain feel across. Feel free to comment


“May I have your card, sir?” the security guard asked.

“Of course,” Rocco said as he reached into his raincoat pocket for the card that would allow him into the conference room.  He was the last to arrive.  He chose to be late by design.  Just a few moments.  Making an “entrance,” so to speak, was important.  Especially for this meeting.

He handed the card to the guard, who then slid it easily through the card reader.  Looking around the lobby he slightly winced at the dreary weather outside.  I really hate this cold, rainy weather.

“Thank you, Mr. Cristham.  You may go in.  The others are all here waiting for you, except one,” the guard stated handing Rocco his card.

“One? Who’s not here yet, Steve?”  Rocco asked, stopping short as he turned to start down the hallway.

“Mr. Diamond, sir. “

“Really.”  He replied in monotone. Carl was never late.  He felt the nerves start churning in the pit of his stomach.  “Has he contacted you?”

“No, sir.”

“Hmmmm.  That’s strange.  Try calling his cellular, will you, Steve?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let me know whether or not you reach him – just send me a text.  Yes or no.”

“Of course, sir,” Steve said as he reached for the paper listing the names and numbers of the expected attendees.  He knew better than to enter the room once the meeting started.

Rocco entered the modest conference room without looking back.  The room, though small, was decorated with highly polished wood and portraits of religious figures. The rectangular table, made of cherry wood, glowed softly in the dimmed lighting.

Walking to the head chair, he took his phone from his jacket pocket and placed it on the table.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen.  Let’s get started, shall we?”

“Shouldn’t we wait for Carl, Rocco?” Marcus asked in his usual anxious tone.

“Carl likely will not be joining us this afternoon, Mr. Hayes,” Rocco stated matter-of-factly as he looked at his phone.  The text message simply read, “No.”

There was a momentary rustling at the table as the seven seated men fidgeted slightly in their chairs, exchanging looks of disbelief and bemusement.  Then all was quiet.  Rocco looked around the room at the men before him.  Leaders of the major religious factions around the world: Judeo, Christian, Muslim.  Where is Carl? He felt a sense of foreboding welling up inside as his thoughts about Carl interrupted his intended agenda.  I have to shake this off before the others notice.  Can’t show any signs of weakness.

“We have a daunting task before us, gentlemen,” he started.  “This is our last chance to solidify the world into our respective religions and maintain the status quo.  Without success, the human race will finally understand their purpose here and the evolution will begin.  As you all know, once it begins, we cannot stop it.”

The men returned grave and somber faces.  One spoke suddenly, startling the rest of them from their thoughts: “What must we do?  Who do we focus on this time? Last time this change threatened us, the Catholics instituted the Grand Inquisition. But we can’t do that sort of thing now.  Do you have a plan, Rocco?”

“Yes, Malachi, I do have a plan.  It’s already started.  We know who the woman is, now, and  I have a plan that will end this once and for all.  We cannot keep fighting this change.  We have to finish it now. “


Thanks for reading this. -EM

Revisiting: Work with Your Characters


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In the world of fiction, characters make your story happen. They fulfill the action and propel your plot. All obvious, right? Well, sometimes, your characters seem to buck your ideas…no, I am not joking! Before you know it, your characters come alive and begin to have their own opinions about what is happening and how they would handle it! Be assured, you are not crazy. This is a good thing because it means your characters are fully developed and interacting with the plot in a more believable manner.

How do you make this happen? That’s the *64 thousand dollar question*! Here’s how I do it. First I write out my characters as complete human beings. Not just their physical attributes, but their personalities as well. I describe how they handle the everyday events of normal life and then move into the events that will occur in my story. Remember, you don’t need dialogue here, no one else is going to read this narrative, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. However, it will get the characters into your head and bring them into 3D. Even the seeming little things like where they were born, where they grew up, or who their parents were can bring up major character details and flaws.

Second, I talk with them. Yes, I do. And, yes, they talk with me. Now I really don’t expect you to fully understand this and, again, I am not crazy. However, talking with my characters allows them to become real to me. If they remain just characters in a story, the story remains just a story. But when I bring them into the context of reality, the story comes alive too.

Third, I work with my characters. Each of them has a specific role to fulfill to make the story move along. So, I work with them to see how they fit into their role and make any necessary adjustments to the story or the character. This is where it gets to be fun…I’ll be rolling along, writing the action of the story and one of the characters decides they cannot do what I am writing. Usually, it doesn’t fit into their personality make-up. Maybe the action isn’t something they would think to do or it goes against their personal beliefs. So, now, most likely the story alters it’s course to accommodate the character. Usually, the story ends up taking a more believable turn.

This approach may work for you, or not. Hopefully, at the very least, it will help you think about new strategies to make your characters come alive. Most importantly, keep on writing!!